Adopting Kitten (17611306)

Adopting Kitten

Last Saturday I adopt a Persian male kitten, and the age is 2.5 months. It has two tones colors; grey and white. The kitten named ‘Sunshine’ because I am really happy to get a cat as my pet. I love Sunshine at the first sight. It meowing to call me, to tell if it is hungry, wants to play, or something wrong maybe. 
When Sunshine  comes  to my house, It little bit afraid. Sunshine does not want to eat, prefer to hide under the bead, chair, or table. I have one black cage for Sunshine, there are litter box and water in a bowl. I hope it can enjoy new cage, but the fact do not like to linger in the cage. In the night Sunshine sleep in everywhere it want. 
In the morning Sunshine waits for me, follow me along my house. I feed Sunshine and clean the cage before I go to campus. I always remember Sunshine everywhere I go, and really to see it again.
But I have problem with the sand glob on the litter box. It is latching on the Sunshines’s fur like a bubble gum. Oh, I worry about this, I have to change the sand as soon as possible. The glob sand that latching on Sunshine’s fur makes Sunshine look dirty and smell, and I worry about it’s health.
So, I change the sand with better one. I cut the fur that latching with sand glob. I hope Sunshine will be a good and health male cat.