Sabtu, 26 April 2014

Percakapan Istilah Bisnis

Jhon : Good morning, Tom.

Tom : Good morning. You come early today. 

Jhon : Yeah, I am really enthusiastic.

Tom : About what? I think there is no something special today.

Jhon : Have you knew about the prototype of our product?

Tom : Oh, yeah. I forgot something which is really important.

Jhon : We will discuss it today in Annual General Meeting.

Tom : Will you give some suggestions for the next prototype?

Jhon : Sure. I have prepared for that.

Tom : Do you remember about  the last Annual General Meeting. That's many problem we have discussed.

Jhon : I remember. There was a wrong assessment. 

Tom : Yeah, that's made us hard work on the next month.

Jhon : I hope our meeting today will be success. 

Tom : I think so.

Jhon : Tom, have you told Anna about invoice this month?

Tom : Yes, but I did not meet with her. She had to took bed rest. I sent to her email.

Jhon : Oh.. what a pity..

Tom : Hey Jhon, I saw payroll this firm yesterday.

Jhon : So, what's your problem? that's not your work, is not? hahaha

Tom : Yeah, I knew. you looked serious Jhon. hahaha.

Jhon : Sorry Tom, I have to go to manager's room. See you.

Tom : See you too.